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How does Payment Plan work?

The total amount of the order is divided into 4 equal parts. The first ¼ is paid immediately after the order, the rest will be paid the following 3 months. The customer will be notified every month on the same day about the payment as a reminder. The order is sent after the final fourth payment. As long as the order is not paid on time or customer ask for cancellation, the order is cancelled and we refund the whole payment. Pay in 4 can be used for in stock items and preorders.

How does Pay Later work?

The customer can preorder the product immediately, however the whole amount will be paid in full after 3 months. The product is sent after the payment. As long as the order is not paid on time or customer ask for cancellation, the preorder is automatically cancelled. Pay Later can be used only for preorders.

Shipping fees?

There is a free shipping within the European Union including tracking and insurance, except for the following countries at this moment: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Cyprus, Malta, Mallorca. We apologize for any inconvenience. In case of shipping outside of EU, please contact us in order the choose the most convenient postal charge according to size/weight. The Comics Bugle is not responsible for custom fees and domestic taxes.

How will be the order packaged?

We in Comics Bugle place emphasize on packing the orders to avoid any damages during the transportation, which is the probably the biggest requirement for fellow collector‘s satisfaction. As we also care about our planet, the orders are packed in organic bubble foil and hardened organic paper/carton.

When the preorder is sent?

Every preorder is sent within 2 business days after being stocked in. The date of product availability is subjected to change due to delivery delay or book publication‘ s change. If a customer orders another product in stock, we ship it together with the preorder in the same week. For any change in the orders, please contact us.

When are the products in stock sent?

The products in stock are sent within 2 business days, if customer do not ask for delay. Meanwhile if a customer buys a new book in stock or he has a preorder coming in the same week, all products will be sent in one order. For any change in the orders, please contact us.

When are the products on stock and preorder sent?

As long as the preorder is more then 7 days, the producst on stock are sent first and the preorder after being stocked. For any change in the orders, please contact us.

Return of the goods

If you are not satisfied with the products, you can return them within 14 days. The buyer is responsible for covering shipping costs to return and the order has to be returned without any damages and in original condition (f.e. new and sealed book not to be opened, no corner dings, wrinkled dust jackets etc). Please pay attention to thorough re packaging, as the order could not be refund in the case of damage during the transport. The Comics Bugle is not responsible for any damages, loss or costs related to returning the orders. We recommend to check the order immediately after being received. If the goods are damaged in some way, the wrong goods are sent by mistake or contain a printing error, contact us immediately by e-mail, we will resolve it, but such complaints must be resolved within 48 hours of receiving the shipment. Thank you for understanding. The goods labeled as a Non-returnable are not possible to return (damaged books for better prices, used books etc).


Once we receive your item back, a refund is inititated immediately after checking the returned item (up to 2 days). The way your refund is processed depends on your original payment method. Partial refunds will be rewieved respectively.



Business name: Comics Bugle s. r. o.
Registered office: K dolnej stanici 7630/11A, Trenčín 911 01, Slovak Republic
Company ID: 54539871
VAT: SK2121743448


Tel: +421 911 555 833



We're two normal nerds pursuing our dream of having our work be their hobby at the same time. We've been gamers, comic collectors, statue collectors and pop culture enthusiasts for so many years that some of you may not have even been born yet. We love what we do and we do it with joy. So please, join our community and enjoy the books with us.
PS: all of our earnings will most likely go to expanding our personal collections. That´s how we like it. But don´t tell our wives.